Total B3SHARE Units Allocated : 8450

The total amount of B3Share Units allocated in our business program will be updated from time to time. *Updated on 01-APRIL-2021

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B3 is now giving opportunity exclusively for B3 existing customers to generate a long term income! Introducing the all new B3Share Business Program, the Co-Advertising platform that is perfectly designed to boost an extra income for your internet café business! B3 will now contribute cash dividend monthly to you in exchange for the display of advertisements in your cyber café. It can be challenging sometimes to generate a consistent cash flow for your cyber café business, but with B3Share Business Program, every single PC units in your cyber café can be converted into B3Share, which in return will contribute monthly cash dividend for you!


Latest Jackpot Winner updated on 1 APRIL 2021 : 1ST - 015842 | 2ND - 332458 | 3RD - 221455 | 4TH - 955026 | 5TH - 250012. The jackpot winner will be announced on 15 of every month. Stay tuned because you might be the next lucky winner!



If you already own a cyber cafe, you just need to join us with zero cost and you will receive cash dividend every month!!

How We Distribute Our B3Share

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Doing Business Has Never Been So Easy!

Cash Dividend

B3 will now contribute cash dividend to customers in exchange for display of advertisement in their cyber café. It literally took no effort for a guaranteed extra income for your cyber café, which will automatically bank in to your account on monthly basis!

Zero Cost

Why bother to pay when you can earn for free? With absolutely no registration fees & monthly fees, you can start a business with B3Share Business Program without worrying about adding any extra cost to your internet café business.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Performance Monitor is now available!!! Now you can track the accumulated B3Share Business profits. and your cash dividend payable anytime and anywhere just by log in to B3 Share website with your mobile devices or laptop/PC.

Start Up Support

We will provide all the advertising materials for you as well as assisting in all the installation work. Do not worry as our team of experts will guide you along the way to ensure a smooth business start up.


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